About Us


Pine Brothers Longhorns, LLC was founded in 2013 by two brothers, Luke and Dave Pine. Dave and his wife, Kristin and two kids Ella and Carson had recently moved to a new house and farm. The previous owner had raised Thoroughbreds, so there were empty pastures, automatic water, and barns that were not being utilized. Luke had recently “evicted” their parents from the house and property they had grew up on and also had empty barns. He soon married his wife Aimee, who has two sons, Coleman and Ice (Isaiah). They also have two sons together, Axel and Stetson. With the under-utilized property and young cowboys and cowgirls to help out, it was only a matter of time until some kind of four-legged critters started roaming the pastures.

A cousin of the Pines, Nick Piehl, of New Knoxville, Ohio, had decided to purchase a bred longhorn cow for something “exotic” to look at in his pasture. He had spent a summer with relatives in Amarillo, TX who had a small herd of longhorns. Luke rode along with Nick to purchase this cow and he decided to buy a heifer and steer at the same time. Dave came home from work on March 29th, 2013 to find Luke and Nick unloading the heifer and steer into his pasture!

It didn’t take long for the excitement of owning longhorns to set in. That following spring, Luke and Dave travelled to Bowling Green for the Hudson Valentine Longhorn sale and bought their first bred registered Longhorn heifer. Four short years later, the herd has grown to around 15 breeding age females, their calves and a couple bulls. A few of these cattle are owned in partnership with family friend Alan Jackson (Kurt Kruse) of New Knoxville, Oh. The Pine Brothers have bought and sold cows, heifers and bulls from Virginia to California, and Michigan to Texas. They strive to build an Elite herd of colorful, long-horned cattle.